How YouTube Sensations Store Their Jewelry

Everybody has their own preferences when it comes to storing their jewelry. Some buy trinkets to dispaly on top of their drawers, while other buy jewelry armoires to neatly organize their jewelry. Still others buy jewelry organizers at department stores. If you are looking for a fun and great way to store all of your jewelry, take some tips from some of YouTube’s top beauty and fashion vloggers!

Belinda Selene:

This fashion blogger gives fans a fun, easy, pretty and inexpensive DIY way to display and store your necklaces so that they’re easy to grab when you need them and neatly organized so that they don’t get tangled. She doesn’t like to have things in drawers where she can’t see them because she forgets she has them – a common problem a lot of us have! To have everything displayed and laid out, it can look cluttered, so she’s come up with a very eye-catching way for her problem.

The DIY jewelry board features gift wrapping paper, thumbtacks, push pins, rhinestone and a cork board to create her organizer – with all products bought either at Target or Staples. She’s able to display about 30 necklaces, which is a great and efficient way to store costume necklaces.


Lots of fans are always asking vlogger HollyAnnaeree how she stores her massive collection of costume jewelry and her video provides all of these answers. She actually uses knobs on the cabinets of her vanity room bathrooms to store lots of her necklaces on. It’s a smart and cheap way. But she had so many that she had to look toward other options to store the rest of them. After having a hard time finding something she liked and was more her style (like a store) but found two jewelry stands at the Container Store.


To store all her amazing jewelry, vlogger MissGlamorazzi has one of the most coveted jewelry armoires from the Pier 1 Hayworth collection, which features mirrored pieces. She’s able to hang all her necklaces and bangles in a convenient way without having to worry about them getting tangled and twisted. In her video, she shows off her collection and notes where she got each piece so you can easily copy her style if you’d like.

If you’re looking for a fun and convenient way to store all your necklaces and other jewelry pieces without having to worry about them getting tangled, then look no farther than the Kinkless pouch! Just grab your necklace by its pendent, slip it into the Kinkless pouch pocket and separate the length of the necklace and then wrap it around the Kinless to make sure it’s inside the snaps. Then just close it up by snapping the corners together and you’re all done! Fold it up and place inside a jewelry box. You’ll never have waste precious time trying to untangle any of your jewelry!


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